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Kikuyu Tongue Twisters

1st International Collection of Tongue Twisters © 1996-2018 by Mr.Twister

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Ninguria githeri
Ndiriaga githeri


Kana ka Nikora kona kora kora,
nako kora kona kana ka Nikora kora.


Cucu ciana ciothe cia cukuru cianyua cai cianina.


Kana kona kora kora nako kora kona kana kora.


Niu kuria Kuria kana nia kuria kuria.


Dathie donyo daria duma dugu dakena dainoka!


Nyenje yathire kwenja nyenje, igikora nyenje ni nyenje ni nyenje nyenje.


Ndatiga ndahirigahiriga haha ii, niwa hirigahirigura?


Ndahîrîgahîrîgire haha-î, nûû wahîrîgahîrîgûrire


Cucu ciara ciana ciaku ciothe ciathie cira ciuge ciari ciaku ciothe.

from Kenya


Cucu ciere cian ciaku ciothe ciathie cira ciorio ciuge ciea ciothe ciari ciaku.


Kana koona kora koora kera kana kao koore, kana kao karega kuura kooya kamuti karige kora, kora koora keehitha kahigaini.


Gitingi gitingigititikika


Nguku ino ni ikanyakanyanaga kana ndikanyakanyanaga?

Rough Translations

  1. up I want to eat githeri (maize and beans). I don't eat githeri (maize and beans).
  2. up Nicholas' child saw a little frog hide, when the little frog saw Nicholas' child hide, the little frog hid.
  3. up Grandmother all children of school drank tea and finished.
  4. up A child saw a frog and ran and a frog saw a child and ran.
  5. up Will you ask Kuria (male name) if he will eat over there.
  6. up I went to the store and saw a huge potato, went home and was happy.
  7. up A cockroach went to shave a cochroach and found it had already been shaved by a shaved roach.
  8. up I just fenced (made a fence) here who undid the fence?
  9. up I just had made a fence here who has undone the fence?
  10. up Please, gradmother give birth to your children so that when taken to court they will all say they are yours.
  11. up Grandmother tell all your children that when they go to the court room and they are asked they should say that all the pieces of land were yours.
  12. up The child saw a frog and ran, told the sibling to run away, the sibling refused to run away, took a stick to hit the frog, the frog ran away and hid under a stone.
  13. up Hey, this log can not be lifted!
  14. up Does this chicken bite, or it doesn't?


Teresa Egger, Juddy Gaciku, Minneh Kamau, Ngugi Kamau, Richard Kamau, George Kimani wa Ng'ang'a Kibiri, Tabitha Mburu, Stanley Mbuthi, Mavis Mungai, Elizabeth Muthoni, Irene Nderitu, Jane Ngari, Louise Shiru, Mbaire Wathuo Solomon


Ethnologue, Languages of the World: Kikuyu

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